In this dynamic era of transformation for the country, we pride ourselves in building iconic brands that will drive the vision and ambition of KSA and its people. Our approach factors three key elements that are fundamental to every brand. Culture; Resonance and Sustainability.


We believe purpose is the underlying driving force behind every brand. And what brings it to life? The people of an organization.

We believe strong purposeful brands unite employees around a clear, aspirational future.


Creating meaningful connections with customers, and the community is imperative for any brand.

We use insight and data to create a brand experience that transforms behavior and enhances the way our customers interact with the brand.


An iconic brand that empowers employees and resonates with people stands the test of time.

We believe in defining a sharp story for the brand, one that evokes a feeling in people, and gives them an idea of how the brand will impact their lives.

Our essence is relationships

With people

We seek to uncover the truths and insights of community or customers, to create iconic brands that resonate with the audience

With Businesses

We believe that in order to formulate a strong brand, it is critical to understand the motives, aspirations and vision of the stakeholders behind it

We exist to

Create authentic and meaningful experiences
that transform businesses value

Meet our founder

Ziyad organji

As founder and managing director of Brandship Consultancy, Mr Ziyad Organji is responsible for leading Brandship and its global team in developing some of the most iconic brands in Saudi Arabia.Business owner, brand consultant with 20 years of experience, MBA holder and bachelor of fine arts and design, author of the first Arabic books about branding, award winner & public speaker (local & international).

In over two decades of experience in brand consultancy, Mr. Ziyad has contributed to the development of iconic Saudi brands.  He has strongly advocated the importance of creating meaningful brands through efforts such as authoring the first Arabic book on branding, titled "Al-Eysaam," creating a "Think Branding" initiative in the Middle East, and regularly
addressing the public by speaking on a wide range of topics related to

Furthermore, he is actively engaged in developing future leaders in branding, by being an advisory board member for Saudi’s leading universities, and being a jury member for the prestigious MENA Effie and PMA awards.Public speaker local & international.