Adding purpose to effort
about the brand



Makkah is a unique city, like no other. To successfully run a healthcare system in Makkah requires ultimate sophistication. It’s complex healthcare challenges arise from the high frequency of patients coming from diverse backgrounds. As part of the nation’s overall Healthcare Transformation Program, an ACO by the name of MHC was established to bring patient-centered-care to every resident, visitor or tourist in Makkah. The duality of the challenge? To create an internal culture that inspires employees to function in this dynamic environment, and to refine a brand to unite all operations under the cluster


The cause of serving the holy city, and its emotional resonance inspired us to develop The MHC Way. An invaluable purpose of “Keeping Makkah Healthy”, guided by spiritual and practical values. In a complex and busy city like Makkah, the scope of our identity was magnanimous. It served as the first point of simplifying the user journey in MHC’s ambition to become a patient-centered ACO.