Al Qiddiya
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Set to become one of the top tourist and entertainment destinations of the world, the main aim of Qiddiya was to create a destination that overwhelms visitors with its abundance of activities. The challenge? To create a brand that manifests the utopia of the destination and an iconic identity that highlights the multitude of experiences, and reflects the destination’s unique location, heritage and culture. In short, we embarked on a journey to create a logo that becomes an icon for generations to come.


With the brand essence of “Unleashing Potential”, we manifested the Qiddiya brand as a stage that welcomes expressions of art from Saudis and people around the world. We drew our inspiration from the unique geography of the area, inspired by the famous Tuwaiq mountains of the region, which holds a heritage of hundreds of years. The rich heritage prompted us to maintain the geographical name of Qiddiya as the brand name. The lines in our logo represent the potential of the country’s people, and its vibrant colors depict their varied hobbies and interests. The project’s identity is a reflection of Qiddiya’s heritage and the area’s beauty, which is set to become a prominent landmark and an important center for meeting future generations’ recreational, cultural and social needs.