Creating an Iconic Brand for a Pathway Towards a Spiritual Journey

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As an urban regeneration project, Msaar is intended to become the gateway to the grand Mosque for millions of Muslims. The duality of challenge? To maintain the sanctity of the location, while being environmentally respectful. As a mixed use residential project, the brand will engage with multiple developers, hotels and shopping complexes. Our challenge was to create a name with a strong emotional resonance towards the Muslim Ummah, and to create a sustainable brand that intervenes during the most emotional and spiritual journey of a Muslims around the world.


We started by defining an internal culture, one that captures the spiritual resonance of Makkah, and one that can echo towards the multiple developers involved. We further encapsulated the magnitude of the project in our core essence of “Elevating the Experience of Makkah”. The next challenge was to create a culturally relevant, and universally applicable brand name. The name “Msaar”, which implies “being a pathway” in traditional Arabic, served as the perfect solution for the brand. For the logo, we adopted a calligraphy style, that exhibited the richness of the Arabic language, and utilized a color palette that harmonized with the geography and spiritual sensation of the city of Makkah.