Creating an Iconic Brand for a Unified National Platform

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With the Vision 2030 on the horizon, the Kingdom is going through an unprecedented and ambitious development, with digital transformation as one of the Kingdom’s top four common national goals. GOV.SA, the new face of the Kingdom’s government experience, was intended to become a unified digital hub that continuously evolves. The challenge, to create a brand experience that simplifies the complex architecture and delivers a seamless, unified citizen experience.


By keeping the beneficiary’s experience at the heart of the entire ecosystem, we associated the brand with the personality of an orchestrator. With vibrant and dynamic graphical elements, we positioned the entity as a seamless and efficient brand, one that stands and delivers convenience. We developed distinctive icons that helped elaborate an extensive architecture, and further simplified the user’s navigation journey. All this was nestled together in colors that are proven to be effective and / or generate feelings of trust on the tech-space.