Simplicity, the ultimate sophistication

Brand Strategy

about the brand

Walima offers a wide range of affordable products, including frozen vegetables, French fries and patties, with the same high level of quality associated with the Sunbulah group.


As the economic landscape changes, homemakers are striving to balance their resources and optimize their creations. This has made the “balancer and optimizer” mindset more prevalent than ever. A homemaker of today is more than just smart; she is hyper-exposed to conventional advertising jargon, and while she is aspirational, she is still grounded in reality. It is obvious to them what goes with what, they are aware of where to get their inspiration, and their ideals are clear.


We discovered that despite the “balancers” profound understanding of the dynamics of the world, she is constantly bombarded with opinions and suggestions, whether from her community or traditional advertising. Often, all she needs is a simple solution to what she wants. What we required was to establish Walima as a simple and empowering brand that can forge a deep connection with the “balancer”.


Our essence “Balanced for More” symbolized the value of simplicity for her. A balanced product with the right sourcing, the right nutrition, and fair pricing, that simplifies life, and opens new horizons, so she can get more out of life. The “more” could signify freedom of creativity, increased family time, increased personal time and much more. By injecting this simplicity, we empower the “balancer” to achieve her goals, aspirations and dreams. Through this essence, Walima is able to open up more emotional and personal territories for communication, allowing the brand to operate in a differentiated space among other value-fighter brands.