Choicefull Wellbeing

Brand Strategy

about the brand

Wellness offers a wide range of organic products, sourced organically with no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Its tagline "Lovely Tasty Food" challenges the myth of organic foods not tasting good.


For far too long, organic food has been the choice of the outcasts. The organic movement has gained increased awareness, but organic consumption is still largely restricted to people with a religious commitment to it. For the rest? Managing the demands of daily life while acquiring knowledge about organic food, it’s sourcing, it’s health benefits, it’s cooking style, is just too much!


In order to propel the Wellness brand in the organic market, we must move mass consumer preferences towards healthier living in the future. The brand needed a universal idea that could resonate with the masses and open multiple communication territories for Wellness to develop a deep connection.


For us, the Wellness brand emphasized the duality of preservation - preserving taste and organic nutrients. We leveraged this brand’s strength to position Wellness as the “right choice” in response to consumer tension. The right choice for self and family’s holistic well-being. Furthermore, we expanded the domain of “choice” to encompass mental well-being, physical health and lifestyle, which added multiple dimensions to our communication. Taking this idea into account, we created our essence, “Choiceful Wellbeing”. An intentional, informed and selected lifestyle, that promises a wholesome and energized future for our consumers.